Cascade Bible Church
(Formerly Calvary Baptist Church)
P.O. Box 950, Twisp, WA 98856
Phone: 509-997-8312
Information for Candidates for our Pastor Vacancy

Cascade Bible Church now is actively searching to fill its senior pastor vacancy. Candidates may send their resume to us but our Pastor Search Task Force
prefers that each Candidate complete the Ministry Placement Network questionnaire process. We will review all the received resumes, but
Candidates being considered for final selection will be asked to complete their personal profile on the Internet-based matching process provided by:  
Ministry Placement Network (“MPN”)-   which “…offers a systematic, confidential, and efficient method of matching church and pastoral
candidates… based on ministerial skills, theological positions, philosophy of ministry, and approach to service based on the needs of the church.”   
There is a cost to sign up with MPN, so why should Candidates use MPN?   According to their website:

Candidates are at a great disadvantage in any church placement process. How do you get your resume before the right churches? What are the crucial questions that should be asked? How can you shorten the time of your search? Entering the MPN database provides an answer for all these questions. How else can you instantly put your resume before every church with an opening in several denominations – plus a number of independent churches as well?  Candidates will get:


      Ministry Match
      Ministry Leader Profile
      Inclusion in multi-denominational national data base
      Computer matching to churches that you fit!

Our Selection Process:
Our church has just recently completed its profile input into the MPN database. Each Candidate should enroll in the online Ministry Placement Network.
Then he fills out Ministry Match (MM) and Ministry Leader Profile (MLP) on this website. Next the Network site does a matching program of candidates in
the database with our church profile data.   The Network sends our church a list of the best mutual profile matches. After that, our church plans to work with
Executive Pastor Steve Welling of Converge Northwest (formerly Columbia Baptist Conference) to complete the pastor search process. During this time, the
final selected matched candidates will be contacted for more personal interviews, etc.  

It is our desire and prayer that with the Lord’s guidance, this process will result in the best match for both our church and our next pastor.
We look forward to learning more about you.  

Please contact Steve Welling if you have any questions about the process with Ministry Placement Network.  (206)-365-9890 or